Giving Back


Since 1922, the CWC has been assisting deserving causes in our community whose objectives are to benefit children, women and/or the elderly in Barbados. The CWC does not support political organizations or activities, non-medical related travel expenses or requests from organizations that discriminate based on race, creed, colour or sex.

Each year, requests are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if they meet the CWC’s criteria for giving.

We have a team of incredibly hard working and caring people working on the due diligence for each year’s disbursements of funds. As always, the needs are great both in and outside of Barbados. Two or more committee members investigate each Barbadian request so that all of the money given out by the CWC helps as many people and worthy causes as possible. Transparency and accountability to members and sponsors is one of our goals.
Many thanks to all of our members and friends of members for helping to raise funds. We are also indebted to all our corporate sponsors and donors for their contributions to our funds which this Committee is privileged to consider for distribution! Financial donations received from the corporate & private community form an integral & essential part of our fundraising effort. 100% of your donation goes directly into the hands of the charities we support. As a volunteer organization we have no salaries or overhead to support. The money we raise each year goes directly to charities.
Congratulations to our 2016 Recipients!



*Burnscar Garment & Orthotics Fund*Barbados Council for the Disabled*Barbados Diabetes Foundation*Camp Aquarius*Cancer Support Services*Caribbean Dyslexia Association*Diabetes Association of Barbados*Family Welfare Society*The Association of Friends of the Geriatric Hospital*HIV Food Bank*The Irving Wilson School*BPW Shelter for Abused Women*The Gift Foundation*The Learning Centre*Y.W.C.A. Breakfast Club*Society of St Vincent De Paul*Q.E.H Pediatric Department