Our club’s history traces back to May of 1922 when it was founded as a ‘social’ club for Canadian women living in Barbados. The CWC continues today to provide a wonderful venue for expatriate Canadian women to socialize with one another in a congenial setting as well as function as a welcoming committee to the newly arrived in Barbados.
The Club has a monthly meeting for all newcomers and members from September to June and, in addition, promotes, hosts or assists with many other social events and special groups that encourage members to get together more often.
The CWC has a long and distinguished record of community involvement. Fundraising activities both within the club and country at large have been successful and rewarding to our members who choose to get involved. The CWC has contributed to many diverse Barbadian causes ranging from health care, education, poverty relief, and care for the young or aged. Our Community Services and Fundraising Committees, along with members’ support, does work for which we are justifiably proud.

For more information about the formation and growth of our club please download ‘CWC History’ by clicking here.