Thanksgiving dinner Sunday October 9, 2016 – be ready for trivia

Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Sands Resort.

CWC is having our Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey buffet at noon on Sunday October 9 at Golden Sands Hotel,  South Coast for CWC members, families and friends.

Tickets are only $65 per person; $30 children 11 years & under; children 3 yrs & under free.

There will be the traditional feast as well as the fun competitions between tables for the  “Canadiana Quiz”  AND for “Name That Tune” with lots of prizes.  So join a smart table and win one of the top prizes  or else win the boobie prize. Some are sports questions so brush up on your Canadian sports. And start listening again to famous old tunes for the Music quiz.

After lunch, there is the excellent  beach across the road  (for swimming- -sargassum weed permitting).  There is also a large garden on the hotel grounds for relaxing.

To book and make arrangements to Pay, call Tracy Soloninka at 253-2147  OR you can buy tickets from any CWC Executive anytime OR at the September potluck Sept 21. Or if overseas you can email your booking to



Fresh roast Turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce

Mash potatoes and turkey gravy

Mahi Mahi

Vegetables and salads

Pumpkin pie and ice cream

Tea and Coffee

One soft drink/juice

Lots of food


Cash Bar for wine, beer, spirits and other drinks.


We all look forward to seeing you  at the Wed. Sept 121 potluck for good food and friendship and, where you can be among the first to buy your tickets for the Thanksgiving Feast and Fun.